Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Author Visits: Pausing for a Breather

Not a very high-quality breather though, as I am SOOOO bunged up. I'm getting really cheesed off with having a cold now. The novelty has definitely worn off, as it's exactly 3 weeks since it started, in Liverpool. I'm pretty sure I've had 2 different ones end-to-end, but with no gap at all in between.

But enough feeling sorry for myself...

As you know, I have been soggying-up paper hankies in a whole range of schools lately. These photos are from last week's visit to Greenfields Primary, part of Shrewsbury Bookfest. Below is me signing books after school in the school's new library; above we are holding up a piece of my artwork from Dragon's Dinner, which I took along to show the children. Behind us is the lovely Mrs Pigg, who was the driving force in organising the day, but who still found time to create the wonderful displays on the walls behind us.

On Monday morning of this week, I set off in the opposite direction, to the delightful Allerton Bywater Primary. The children had been well prepared and so were very excited, even before I stepped from the train at Garforth Station.

I had 2 whole days, which was great, as I got to see everyone from Nursery right up to Y6. We even had time for a couple of lectures too: one about how a book is made, and the other about how much fun you can have with a sketchbook!

Everyone was so kind and friendly. Mrs Flynn was even good enough to let me sleep in her spare room on Monday night. And even better - Mr Flynn cooked me a smashing fish pie supper (yum yum)!

Thank you so very much to everyone I have met during the last couple of weeks while I have been on the go. Before I started doing school and library visits, I used to get quite lonely, drawing away day after day, all on my own. Now though, I meet such nice people, and it really lights up my life.

Even the trains are the same: on my way home to Sheffield on Tuesday evening, I was sketching the man below on the train (between nose-blows), and got into conversation with the lady next to me. By bizarre coincidence, it turned out that she lived just 10 minutes down the road from me, so she gave me a lift home from the station. How kind is that?

My breather is already over again, as I am lecturing at Hallam University in the morning and I'm on a train headed for Worksop and Valley Secondary School on Friday. Then it's the big Tour de Sketch on Sunday (but more of that later).

Next week, at last, I can get back into my slippers...

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