Monday, 21 March 2011

Visits to Schools: Still on the Go...

I had a fabulous week last week, in Shropshire and then Leicester, working with kids.

Once again I had to pack my suitcase. I was away from home for all except 1 night, so it was especially nice that everybody was very kind and looked after me really, really well. A special 'thank you' to Sophie Peach, the driving force behind the wonderful Shrewsbury Bookfest who, despite all the balls she had in the air, still made sure I had company for dinner every night I was there.

I visited 6 schools in 5 days! I was on the tail end of a cold all week, blowing my nose left, right and centre and, once again, was in fear of losing my voice. It got really quite shaky around Tuesday lunchtime. I tried my best not to push it too far and, miraculously, this time I survived. Phew.

The children were, without exception, all smashing. It's been fun as well, to have a fair bit of variety, lectures, workshops, storytellings - I have been with 4 year olds and 13 years olds and more or less everything in between!

Unfortunately there is no time to tell you much more, or to say hello to my new friends individually, as I have to be off again at first light tomorrow morning, for another 2 days away, this time I'm staying overnight with a kind teacher, to visit Allerton Bywater Primary School in Garforth, near Leeds.

By the time you read this, it will be well underway...

As you can see, last week's adventures meant I had lots of opportunity for train sketching again (hurrah!). These drawings are just some I did on Friday's journey to and from Leicester - I haven't had time to scan the Shrewsbury ones yet.

It's another almost as busy week this week, as I also have a day in Valley Secondary School in Worksop and one morning teaching at the university, so it's certainly all go at the moment.

And guess what? - (pause to blow nose...) - I have caught yet another cold. Grrrrrr...

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