Monday 11 October 2010

Electric Tomatoes - Ripe & Ready

Those who have been with me a while, will remember that the Electric Tomatoes are a group of writers, who have been meeting every week for the last 15 years. We don't get together to read and critique, but to actually write, on randomly chosen topics, just for the challenge and the fun.

We used to publish books and perform our work regularly (at one time I wrote a lot of performance poems). We've not done anything like that for years now, so thought it was about time.

We will be performing at the Off The Shelf festival in Sheffield next week, presenting 'An Evening of Unfinished Stories' on Tuesday October 19th, upstairs at the Rutland Arms pub on Brown St. Free admission. We'll be there from 7.30pm, but the readings will start at 8.00.

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