Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Limited Edition Prints of Sheffield Town Hall

I've been having a really crazy time over the last 2 weeks. I would have liked a few days off after my mad week of children's events, but instead it's taken me 2 days to deal with the accumulated admin and I've still got a pretty hefty 'to do' list, staring up at me accusingly from my desk as I write this! It's my own fault, I know: I like having lots of balls in the air.

There's been one nice thing to sort out: there was a lovely, full-page write-up of the recent Sketchcrawl event in the local paper, which showed my Sheffield Town Hall watercolour sketch. Someone saw it and emailed to ask of they could buy it.

Of course, I couldn't bear to cut it out of my sketchbook (they are pretty sacrosanct), but I am arranging for some limited edition prints, and she is buying two: one for herself, and one for her daughter, who now lives in Hong Kong, to remind her of home.

By the way (watch out: quick advert coming) - should anyone else be interested, I am doing a 20 print edition, so there are still 18 up for grabs if you want to email me...

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