Tuesday 13 July 2010

Spending the Night in Wrockwardine Wood

No, I didn't take my sleeping bag into the forest: Wrockwardine Wood is an area in Telford and also the name of their infant school. This time last week I spent the day there, doing storytellings and workshops with the Y2 classes.

I travelled down the night before and, my goodness, what a horrendous journey! It took 4 hours because of train delays. One leg was in a carriage with a heating problem (air thick and stifling as B.O. soup); the next train had a group of rather drunk women with VERY shrill laughs. I didn't even have the heart to do any drawing - this one was done on my way home:

I missed two connections and didn't arrive until 10pm, rather frazzled. Fortunately the B&B lady welcomed me with a smile, a scone and a lovely comfy room. Phew.

Next day was fun, so it was all worthwhile. Y2 is around 6 years old, and they were great: bright as buttons.

I read Bears on the Stairs again, to continue the process of getting up to speed, and we did a workshop based on my Hairy Scary Illustration Competition idea, to come up with something really crazy and truly horrible that just might lurk at the top of the stairs!

First we designed a monster together on the flipchart, with 10 arms, 20 eyes, a runny nose and legs like a spider - ugh! (the soft toys are the class's mascots):

...then the children developed their own ideas, which were just as yucky:

My journey home was much easier (phew), and it was lovely to have some company too: Thabani Nyoni had also spent the day in school, doing African music and dancing with the children. He is quite a character and great fun to be around. I wish I could have had a go at the dancing!

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JASG said...

Uau! I'm delighted with your illustrious visit.