Saturday 17 July 2010

Warthog Seeks a Friend at Bookaboo

I just heard the FABULOUS news that my picture book Stinky!, written by Ian Whybrow, has been selected to feature in the new series of CITV's Bookaboo - winner of Best Children's Programme in the Broadcast awards earlier this year!

If you have children of the right age (or are just a big kid like me), you might well have seen the wonderful job the Happy Films guys did with Class Two at the Zoo in the first series.

They select such a small list from all the books out there, to be chosen a second time is a massive feather in my cap and I am totally chuffed to bits.

We got the rather sexy, and completely brilliant, Robson Green to read Class Two at the Zoo - can't wait to find out who they will choose to read Stinky!.

I will of course keep you posted about who they decide is going to be the wee, smelly warthog's new friend, and when it is scheduled to be broadcast.


cassia said...

Brilliant, Lynne! Welldone!!!*

*I reckon you should put in a request for George Clooney...

Lynne the Pencil said...

Ooo - nice idea...

Alice said...

Congratulations, Lynne!

Hugh Jackman gets my vote.

Jon Davis said...

Huzzah, top stuff, well done.

I reckon Michael Gambon or Ian McKellan would be good.
Lovely and rich and actory.

And I actually really like David Hockney's voice.
He's had a few documentaries over the last few years, and I've really enjoyed listening to him.