Saturday, 27 February 2010

Return to Prospect Hill (sounds like a film title...)

This is my 3rd visit to Prospect Hill Primary School in Worksop. What lovely, lovely teachers for inviting back!! My first time was in 2006, then in 2008 and again yesterday: I suppose 2 years gives the children the chance to grow up and be replaced by fresh faces.

There were certainly plenty of keen, fresh faces to greet me again this time. And the classroom areas are such bright, colourful environments: a joy to work in.

Mrs Palmer made a special request for me to read Smudge's Grumpy Day to Y1, as the children so enjoyed learning to draw Smudge last time. She's a nice, simple character for little ones to tackle. We got some super drawings again and my Smudge puppet got another outing (I must repair her whiskers: she's down to just 3 now, all on one side!).

I'm very into reading Stinky! at the moment too - I love getting all the kids to play the part of the flies! Y2 drew me some exceptionally smelly creatures and some horribly fat and juicy flies!

Thank you so much to all the children (and Mums & Dads) who bought a signed book to take home. Also to the school, for being so supportive and dealing with the admin of the massive pre-order (so many books that I couldn't fit them all in my wheelie case and had to post them in advance, in a HUGE box!). But the lovely Prospect Hill bookworms still bought loads more on the day. I feel loved!

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