Monday, 1 February 2010

The Bus to Life Drawing

I'm only able to do my Monday morning life-drawing teaching for 4 weeks because, after that, the sessions collide with my peak school-visits season. So, today was my penultimate session.

I travel there and back on the 22 bus. I know I'll get a bit frustrated at spending a whole morning watching all the students drawing away, but not being able to have a go myself. So I take a sketchbook and at least have a quick go on the journey. All the colour is of course added later at home.

This final sketch done on my way to the Uni for last week's session:

I added the text whilst standing in the corridor with my students, outside the double-booked life room, wondering what to do. At least the life model did turn up eventually (who coincidentally, looked not unlike the man on the bus) so we squatted in another room and it sort of worked out in the end. Nothing's ever easy!


Bob Mrotek said...

What kind of paint or ink do your use to add the color? it looks so neat and crisp!

Julie Broom said...

That's pretty funny - I was looking at the sketches wondering how you had achieved such crisp even coverage of colour and then I saw Bob's question. Hope you will enlighten us both!

Jessie said...

I like the drawing of the man sitting there. It's a different thing drawing people with clothes on isn't it? Strangely, I've had more experience of the unclothed variety and find fabric really tricky!

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks folks!

Re the colouring: at one time it would I suppose have been gouache to get that kind of flat colour, but now I scan my sketches into Photoshop, where colouring is quick and easy, plus allows for more experimentation.

Sometimes I use Corel Painter when I want more mark-making, but only if I have a bit more time - these are mostly done quite quickly, in stolen moments.

Julie Broom said...

Thanks Lynne. Must try this out myself in photoshop sometime.