Sunday 31 January 2010

We Won 'Best Children's Programme'!!!

OK, when I say 'we', my role was, in truth, fairly minimal. What I really mean is, the wonderful Happy Films team that put together the CITV show Bookaboo won - and well done to them! My small claim to a tiny part of their fame, is that Class Two at the Zoo featured as one of the 13 episodes.

Bookaboo's victory as BEST CHILDREN’S PROGRAMME came at last week's Broadcast Awards. We were in prestigious company, pitted against emmy award-winning drama, Dustbin Baby, Scorpion Island, Horrible Histories and more. The win was a unanimous decision by the judges, who added that the show was “warm, and totally original” and "as appealing to the adult audience as it was to the children’s”.

Bookaboo also won the pre-school BAFTA award at the end of last year, proving that our friend the rock-drumming, book-loving puppy truly does appeal to children of all ages.

If you still haven't caught the show, do watch out for the repeats: the stories are all read by your favourite celebs, and they do a great job!


Helen Pickup said...

Congratulations on your little part, but it's a part no less :)

Jess said...

Well done Lynne! I can see now why they appeal to adults as well as children, your illustrations are fantastic :)

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks Guys!