Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I enjoyed myself enormously at the end of last week: I have been working in Bakewell, a pretty village not that far from Sheffield, as part of a mini festival called The Write Stuff, organised by the local Lady Manners High School:

At my first event, with Y3 at Bakewell Methodist School, I was delighted to say hello to some children who had been to my storytellings before. We had a lively session: I read Class 2 at the Zoo and Stinky! and the children drew some extremely smelly animals!

The rest of my storytellings were housed in Lady Manners' fabulously massive library, with groups made up of children from all the neighbouring village schools. I did 6 sessions over 2 days, so to keep myself from going mad, I read different books for each and got the children to draw different things. We had some knock-out pirate pictures based on Class Three all at Sea.

The children were all fantastic. Thank you so much to Mrs Hetherington for letting us take over her library and for looking after me so well. It was great to have so much space to spread out, and to allow the children to draw nice, big pictures.
Yummy school dinners by the way!

Thanks too, to Simona for giving me a lift, and to Louisa for her mercy-dash to Longstone, when there was a mix-up about who needed to be where.

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I am amazed at your energy. What a great day, and in such opulent surroundings too.