Monday, 26 October 2009

Stinky Whizzers

You may remember me talking a while back about getting together with illustrator Phil Alderson (who I taught some 12 years ago, at the Sheffield College) to give him advice on his latest work.

Well, I got a lovely email from him recently: he has got together with some friends and launched a new business, called Stinky Whizzers. The work is so much fun, I had to show you!

Phil has produced a range of these colourful illustrations which you can buy for your child's bedroom wall. He got the idea when he was looking for a present for his niece: "When I looked for a cool piece of artwork, all I found was pink or blue or pastels, so I decided to draw something unique myself.”

“We wanted to create something that appealed to kids with bold colours and also something that you would want to look at again and again.."

I just love all the characters. Meercats with binoculars! I especially like the fishing mule below:

Good luck Phil - they look fabulous. Come on folks: liven up those bedroom walls...


Beth Gunnell said...

love these fun illustrations...certainly a breath of fresh air for the childrens bedroom wall art world and striking website too.

Lynne Chapman said...

That's what I thought too. Lovely aren't they?