Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Off The Shelf

Just a quickie, as I only have a moment - I've just broken off from packing my bags for my 2 day stay in Corby for The Big Draw (which will be over half way through by the time you read this).

I wanted to say 'hello' to all the children I met on Friday during my Off The Shelf events at home in Sheffield. This is me with the KS1 children at Dungworth Primary School in the morning, doing my 'D'you know what it is yet?' act (it's going to be a kangaroo, by the way).

I did a talk for the KS2 children in the afternoon, then got to see their amazing book cover illustrations in oil pastels - very tricky medium I always think, so well done you guys!

Then I leaped in a taxi and crossed the city to do a workshop with the after-school club at Frechville Library. Some great dragon drawings folks!

Must get on, so bye for now...


Cyn Narcisi said...

You are such a true inspiration! I just love your art, your energy, and you blog. It's one of my favorites:) Thank you for ALL you do!

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you Cyn for your kind words - you're welcome!