Monday, 20 July 2009

Yahoo! The Roughs Are Done!

Today I emailed my finished drawings for Bears on the Stairs to the Editor at Anderson Press. Hurray!!

This was the last one left to draw (although confusingly for you guys, it's from the middle of the story):

Once the spreads were all designed, I went back through them, redrawing, tidying them up and tweaking details. For instance, here are 'before and after' versions of spread 5 (that I initially talked about a while ago):


The team at Anderson will also forward everything to Julia Jarman, the author. Feedback can take anything from a week to 3 weeks. Sometimes there are only tweakings to be done, sometimes radical changes. I'll let you know what they say. Cross fingers...

I will have a think about ideas for the front cover of the book while I wait to hear.


cassia said...

congrats, Lady. I hope everything goes through first time. x

Damian Harvey said...

It's looking great Lynne. Very interesting to see you doing a book with people (though of course the class 2 and 3 books had people in didn;t they). That Jarman woman is keeping you busy isn't she - I'll have to pull my finger out.
Much love to you both...