Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Dragon is Out There!

Dragon's Dinner is published today - hurrah!!

It always takes such a long while... I began work on the drawings in March 2008, and finished the artwork almost exactly one year ago which, believe it or not, makes this one slightly quicker than usual.

Dragon Chase

The story is another rhyming one, which makes it great fun to read aloud. Poor old dragon spends the whole book chasing a string of animals, trying to catch them for dinner (it's a cumulative thing, where a bear, then a fox, then a cat, then an owl get added to the line). When he finally catches up with a mouse, he thinks at least he should be easy, but not so!

Actually, the story was originally going to be called 'Squeak!' because it's by squeaking in the dragon's ear that the mouse wins the day. Later it was changed to 'Greedy Dragon' and finally to Dragon's Dinner.

If anybody wants a personalised signed copy (with a little drawing in) just email me.


Carla said...

These illustrations are great! Looks like you had fun creating them. I'd love a personalized copy so look out for my email.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I hope your new book does well, the illustrations look great.


Janine said...

wonderful paintings, lovely creatures

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you! I really enjoyed drawing a dragon!

cassia said...

congrats, you! I'll look out for it.

Is it published in hardback and paperback together?

Lynne Chapman said...

Yes, which is quite handy as you can actually sell copies at events and stand some chance that it will appear in at least the odd bookshop!