Sunday, 19 July 2009

Drawing a Picture Book: Changes to Big Bear

I'm nearly finished the Bears in the Stairs roughs, but I'm not happy with this page. It's the 2nd time we meet Big Bear, when the child discovers that, unlike the smaller bears, he cannot be bribed with goodies.

If you remember, I originally I sketched it like this:

But I've decided it doesn't work: though I can get away with some wacky perspective, the banisters are too weird, and the bear doesn't fill the space well. The boy seems too small for the staircase too.

I've tried bear with more sarcastic body language, and completely redrawn the banisters. I think it's much better:

Notice I've worked up the family portraits idea. I thought it might be fun to include one with the teddy bear, just as a tiny clue...

I also thought it might be funny for the boy to have brought the whole packet of biscuits we last saw in the kitchen, and for them to be spilling out onto the stairs:

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