Saturday, 18 July 2009

Drawing a Picture Book: Thanks Cassia!

Fellow illustrator Cassia Thomas made a suggestion after a recent post, which sounded good fun, so I have tried out a new version of the vignette where the child introduces us to the big bear. This was my original drawing with him and the cat together:

This is the new one that Cassia suggested, with the cat running off:

As the previous page's vignette shows the child and cat stood together, I think this added humour works much better. To make it credible, I felt I needed to make puss look slightly more scared in the earlier one though:

Thanks Cassia!
It'll be interesting to see what the publisher makes of the vignette system - I'm presenting them with both options.


cassia said...

no worries! I'm very envious of his PJ's btw.

I shall put those dates to my fabulous dogsitter chums and see if any come out shining!I have informed Faye that I shall be surgically extracting her from her desk and packing her in a suitcase to come along also! xxx

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