Friday, 17 July 2009

Summer Reading Challenge

Every year, UK libraries take part in the Summer Reading Challenge. Kids of all ages win prizes if they read 6 books through the 6 week holiday. The challenge has a different theme each time, to help inspire them, and this year's is Questseekers.

It's proved to be perfect timing: Dragon's Dinner comes out later this month, and I've had tons of requests to help libraries launch the challenge with events based on the book.

My first one was last Wednesday, at my local Ecclesall Library (I'm booked to do 14 more, between now and August 6th!!). They hired a wizard costume as you can see, and the local press took lots of photos, then
I did a short talk to a Y5 class from Carterknowle School.

I showed all my early drafts for Dragon's Dinner, which was interesting for me too, as I hadn't looked at them for well over a year.

Last year was a sports theme, so I just did a couple of libraries - I read Giddy Goat because of the climbing! This time it's made to measure though.


Damian Harvey said...

That's great - good to see you're out and about this summer. I'm home catching up on some writing, but very busy from September onwards with visits and festivals.

see you soon

cassia said...

any events in liverpool?

Also, I've moved my meeting back so am hopefully free as of the beginning of the second week of August for fun and frolics- are you still available?

Lynne Chapman said...

No, for some reason I have never made any connections in Liverpool.

7th, 10th and 14th of August are good...

Janine said...

The dinosaur- illustration is phantastic but the dragon is adorable. W-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l