Friday, 10 April 2009

A Blog Award!

I've been awarded the Passionate About Painting award below by Senor R: whose self portrait you can see on the left. Thank you!

Senor R is an incredibly prolific and eclectic sketchbook keeper, who will fearlessly tackle anything from a room of old men, to an onion, to a castle, to a collection of ear lobes. Check him out.

In order to fulfill my award duties to the full, I have to tell you something else I have a passion for. Mmm... I would have to say jiving: can't seem to get enough of it. This weekend I learned all sorts of posh tricks like the Death Drop (yep - it's scary) and how to fly up into to air above the man's head (and ideally land too).

I also need to nominate others to pass the award to. There are so many extraordinarily creative things bursting out of blogs, but I'd like to highlight Ira Robbins whose sketches are so free and alive. They seem to get right to the soul of the subject:

Also Paul Heeston, whose work I have recently discovered. He has such an incredibly true eye for detail and a really strong, confident drawing style. Wonderful stuff, don't you agree?

I just love the fact that so much new and exciting work is at our fingertips these days, to share and enjoy!


granny grimble said...

Congratulations on your award Lynne - well deserved. I love the work of all the artists you have chosen to nominate. I can see why you chose them. Well done to you all.

Ira Robbins said...

Lynne, Thank you so much!
BYW, I, years ago took be-bop, lindy hop, jitterbug classes, what you call Jiving. I never got to the advanced steps you are describing but it was such fun. My teacher was Margaret Batiuchok and she won the harvest moon ball award with her dancing partner George Llyod (I think). They were the first interracial couple to win that honor. I became friends with her and went to many clubs around NYC where all kinds of jitterbug was danced.

Lynne Chapman said...

Wow Ira - how exciting to be taught by someone so special. How come you stopped going?

Anne Watkins said...

Wow Lynne - your work is so fresh and vivid - like you! Can't wait to spend more time here. Congrats on your award, and especially on your widening circle of fans and connections. You obviously relish the sharing of creative expression.

Ira Robbins said...

Thats a good question! I guess my right knee after 2 surgeries just fears the lateral moves...but will no doubt dance again one day.

BTW best with your new website. Looking forward to seeing it up and running.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Ira. Going through it for the designer has made me realise how desperately in need of updating some bits of info are!