Thursday, 9 April 2009

Children's Thank You Letters

I just got some lovely letters from the children at Albrighton School, where I spent the day recently, as part of the Shrewsbury Bookfest.

Here are some of the sweet things they said:

'Your books are fantastick, fabulous and wonderful.' Morgan Davies

'I enjoyed it when you was here and now I still want you to be here.' Amy Jane-Weaver

'I like your jumper and your shoes and your drawings.' Davina Cottle

'When I walked through the door and saw the cartoon sketch I was speechless.' Caitlin Burgoyne

'When I got home I told my mum and dad that I met Lynne Chapman and she was every funny.'
Falon Davies

'When can you come back? Because I miss you.' Jodie Watson

'When I grow up I want to be an illustrator because Mrs Clements was very pleased with my daffodil painting.' Caitlin Semple

'It was a very wonderful day.' Mollie Thompson

Lovely! And the beautiful illustrations are by Morgan Davies, Emma Jordan and Cameron Rhoses.
Thank you Albrighton - don't forget: keep practising your drawing!

By the way, I've just been emailed a great feedback line from one of the kids at the Reading Heroes day in Ashton:

"It was really fun, especially the woman who is a good drawer, because she is better than me."


Buskitten said...

Fantastic! Kids really tell it as it is! Delightful!

SeƱor R said...

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Christina Silverio said...

How wonderful! Oh, that was so sweet of them. There's nothing quite like the honest praise of a child I think. :)
Have been following your blog for some time, and I must say your artwork is so amazing, and your passion for life and what you do is so inspirational. Thank you!

granny grimble said...

What lovely letters and artwork. That's the great thing about children, they never give you any 'flannel' it's all straight from the heart. What do you do with all the beautiful drawings that you get from the children? You must have so many. What a good job you have such a large studio!

Damian Harvey said...

What lovely letters... isn't it great when people take time to write and send pictures.

Lynne Chapman said...

It is lovely to get letters, apart from anything else, it's nice to know that the teachers have been doing follow-up work after the visit with the kids, building on the experience for them.

It is a problem knowing what to do with them. I stick my favourite pictures on the studio wall, which makes it look really lively and jolly. I used to keep them all, in A4 envelopes on my shelf, but now I'm sifting them and only keeping the best.

Thank you Christina! Great to hear you are reading and enjoying my various ramblings - welcome aboard!

kelly Thrower said...

My daughter Chloe is 6 and she saw you at albrighton Primary school. She still talks about you now and draws a picture that i think she may have seen during your visit- A mouse carrying odd things like a spaceship and animals above its head??? She uses two A4 pages every time!

She was most pleased with herself when we went to the library and she found Class Two at The Zoo that you illustrated.

Lynne Chapman said...

Hello Kelly and Chloe!

It's wonderful to hear Chloe got a lot out of the visit and is carrying on drawing: it is Mr Strongmouse from Mr Strongmouse and the Baby. Say hello to her from me!