Sunday 29 March 2009

Bookaboo: Don't Miss It!

If you haven't already seen Bookaboo, the new children's series on CITV, and most importantly, if you haven't yet seen the totally gorgeous Robson Green read Class Two at the Zoo, you need to get yourself sorted out. What are you thinking of?!?

The series was launched on World Book Day, with Meatloaf reading one of my favourites: The Lamb Who Came To Dinner (he does it brilliantly, you have to see it). Then there was a new story every day, each read by a different celeb.

They've added lots of funny animation effects to my illustrations (I love the slithering anaconda, and the way they've made his crazed eyes whirl hypnotically) and Robson Green really brings out the humour, with his wonderful, straight-faced delivery.

The series includes 13 stories, one a day, in rotation, repeating all the stories, at least a couple of times.

And do you know what? I've noticed it's made a huge difference in the bookshops - Class Two at the Zoo is appearing on the shelves all over the place, which is great, great, GREAT!!

POSTSCRIPT: There is now a fabulous 2nd series of Bookaboo, in which I am lucky enough to have yet another of my books featured: Stinky! this time read by Maisie Smith from Eastenders. Yahoo!

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J. E. Morris said...

That's great Lynn, I wish we could get it here in the US. It looks like a cute show. Must be so fun to see your illustrations animated!