Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sketching Children Around Town

I spotted this little girl across a cafe. She looked so cute, sitting all prim and upright to eat. Of course, she kept moving constantly, but I worked on her surroundings while I waited for her to get back into the same position again, adding a little more each time.

She was with her Granny, and they had to pass my table on their way out, so I stopped them to show them the sketch, which is how I got Libbi's name.

It turned out a good afternoon for drawing children, as this next one was the ride home straight after the cafe. I thought this little lad was too good to pass-up:

He had the paper bag containing his pasty in a death grip, and was tucking into it like there was no tomorrow, covering himself in flakes of pastry. I got his details by earwigging the conversation between his Mum and the woman in front of them.

My journey on the 22 bus only lasts 10 minutes, so I had to add the colour once I got home.


Ira Robbins said...

beautiful sketch.

Marco Crupi said...

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Doda said...

These colour sketches you are doing are fab! You are so good at capturing the essense of your subject.

(But I don't think that you really look like the old biddy you portrayed in your hairdresser sketch!!!)

granny grimble said...

I love Libbi's portrait, she reminds me so much of another little girl with a pony tail, Her granny used to love taking her out to meals because she was so precocious!