Monday, 2 February 2009

Houghton Green Primary School

Last week (before all this snow luckily!) I spent a day at Houghton Green Primary in a village in Cambridgeshire. I had to get up very early, and take 3 trains, but it was worth it, as we had a great time. This is one of the sketches I did on the way there, trying out my watercolour set again:

Here is another. The second train was so full and so bumpy, it was really difficult to draw. I liked the fact that, because it was still dark, I could see clear reflections in the windows:

I saw Reception, Y1 and Y2 and they were all lovely kids - very enthusiastic and happy to get stuck into the drawing. Reception created colourful anacondas and I was thrilled to hear from their teacher that some of the children, who didn't usually manage much more than scribbles, did by far the best drawings she had ever seen from them.

I read Rocky and the Lamb with Y1 and they invented rather scary monsters afterwards, including green ones made entirely of bogies! Three children also showed me some great dinosaur drawings they had done for me earlier.

Y2's teacher and Deputy Head, Mr Shephard, got eaten by a crocodile (on the flipchart at least).

Unfortunately, not long after reading Mr Strongmouse and the Baby to Y2 , I had to get going, to start my long journey back, but I left the class energetically drawing away, creating crazy towers of unlikely objects balanced on top of each other (zebra in a bubble bath, Eiffel Tower, blue whale, surfing pensioner...), all held high by Mr Strongmouse.

This was my final sketch of the day. Thanks for a lovely visit Houghton Green!


Doda said...

As always - great sketches. SOunds like you had a really wonderful day. You obviously have a way of inspiring children. That's a gift!

sophie philo said...

yes they are amazing, i can see them breathing.