Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Nether Green Infants

Monday was another fun day, eventually, after a very shaky start.

OK, there was some snow overnight, but the main roads were all gritted and clear, and the school was just a 10 minute drive from my house. I had ordered the taxi for 8am, to give plenty of leeway. Imagine my frustration then, when I found myself still at home at 9am, the time I was supposed to be in front of my first class!

My third call to the cab company finally got me a driver at 9.15. I was so angry I arrived quite upset, though I was only half an hour late, and still got an hour with the Y2 children. It was good really that I had to hit the ground running, as the kids cheered me up of course.

I had just 3 sessions, but all with groups of at least 60 children, so I decided not to get into the logistics of handing out, and then collecting, 60 lots of drawing materials, which can take forever. So I told the kids my idea for their drawing activity at the end of each session, and left the teachers to implement it later. On my way out at the end of the day, I saw some fabulous snakes and monsters that the earlier classes had drawn, so it obviously worked fine.

I looked up a new taxi firm for the return trip - they came just 5 minutes after time, with snow by now twice as thick on the ground and I was home in a jiffy. Thank goodness!

I didn't get to sketch of course, as I wasn't in a train, so I thought I'd show you this one from my trip to Chesterfield in January instead:

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