Sunday, 26 October 2008

Bookaboo: On TV Again!

Some more exciting news just came in: Class Two At The Zoo had been chosen to feature in a new ITV children's show: Bookaboo! From what I can gather, it sounds like a more modern take on the Jackanory idea, and will feature celebrities reading the stories.

Typically, there was some mix-up: Julia Jarman and I were not asked for permission when Class Two was originally chosen for the show. Last thing Thursday afternoon, somebody realised the mistake. I got an urgent call on my mobile in the middle of the day at Lower Meadow School. It was my agent desperately trying to sort it out, so they could go ahead. I felt very important!!

The show has been set up as part of the National Year of Reading, and for every celebrity taking part, 1000 books will be donated to children. I don't know too much more about it yet. I am assured that this time I'll be told when it's to be broadcast, so I might actually get to see it for once! I'll let you know when I know.

Because Bookaboo is linked to a charity, Julia and I will get no fee (although the celebrities are getting paid...) but it will be nevertheless be fantastic publicity, and it's an excellent cause. Watch this space!


granny grimble said...

Wow! Lynne, What exciting news to wake up to! We are so thrilled for you. All that and Robson Green to boot! Shame you don't get paid for it, but what fantastic publicity. What next I ask?

Damian Harvey said...

That's great news Lynne -fantastic publicity. I can't help feeling that permission for things like this is important - not because it allows you to say "YES, you may use my book," but because it means you actually get to hear about the fact that your book is being used... you'd probably never hear about it otherwise.
I had a similar experience when my one of my picture books, Snap!, was used in CBeebies Magazine. I din't ned to give permission as no text was used but there was a full colour spread along with a picture of the books cover and my name.

Anne said...

Oh what brilliant news - you are just so clever. Look forward to hearing when it airs.
Anne x

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks you all for your good wishes.

You're so right Damian, nobody would tell us anything otherwise! Congratulation though - getting a Snap! spread in the CBeebies Mag was a great break too. Cost a bomb to pay for that publicity.

I do think the permission thing is about respect too - it really gets my hackles up when I get overlooked in the process. As the illustrator, I come even lower in the pecking order than the poor author!

weechuff said...

Congratulation Lynne! What wonderful news. We are very proud of our talented neice:0)

Damian Harvey said...

You're right Lynne... I was rather surprised to find that the authors and illustrators don't always get told their books have been sold to other countries. It makes you feel that once the book is out, the author and illustrator are no longer considered.

Lynne Chapman said...

You're right. It does seem to vary from publisher to publisher. Despite my many grumbles about Gullane's 'after-sales-service', they do always email me new coeditions.