Monday, 27 October 2008

Stinky Cover

No, not a cover that smells, but the cover of my new book, Stinky!

Do you remember, the Art Director said it needed brightening up a bit? (see The Proofs Are Here!) I have digital copies of everything saved on my computer, so I took a look at it again in Photoshop, decided she was right, and made some adjustments. It's so brilliant to be able to that: once upon a time it would have meant starting again!

The main change was lightening the background, which helped immediately. I also brightened up Stinky's highlights slightly. Then I decided the 'whiff' marks were the wrong colour and a bit too solid looking. I tinted them, so they reflected the colour of the background more and thinned them out a bit, so make them look more transparent. Oh, and I added a few more flies!

There's no text on this new version yet, but do you agree it's better? It's so handy to have the Art Director or Designer as another set of eyes. It's easy to get too close to your own work, and sometimes you just don't see things. If I am unsure about a drawing, I often show it to John and, with fresh eyes, he usually spots the mistake straight away!

Stinky is going to be out in March next year. I finished the artwork exactly 1 year ago last Friday, so it seems like forever!

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