Wednesday 7 November 2018

I'm Having an Exhibition of my Textiles!

Hi all. Sorry for the absence. I have been trying to concentrate on my work, specifically, I've been getting stuck into my hand-stitched textiles. I am building up a new body of work, getting ready for my exhibition in a month's time, at KIAC, here in Sheffield.

My work has been evolving since I got back from Australia. The trip was a long time to break off from what I was doing; after four months I felt I'd lost my momentum. But it's turned out well in the end, as it made me pause, assess the work so far, and think about what I was interested in. As a result, a lot of the newest pieces are a reflection of my fascination with passing time. This has been a preoccupation for a while, but in the past it has been more a part of my reportage sketch-work.

During my trip with John to Scotland, I saw some ancient carvings, in Elgin. That got me researching images of very old mark-making and I found myself getting excited by petroglyphs - the scratchings and paintings left by ancient peoples on rocks and in caves. 

My new work tries to evoke the sense of different people's inhabiting a space, like a cave, through time: the marks they leave; those which almost disappear and those which don't. I like the idea of layers of time embedded in the rock, like my layers of organza in the work.

The show is in a huge industrial space, the Gage Gallery, which has its own feel of layers of habitation. I am sharing the space with three other women artists from Sheffield. We all work in very different ways, using different materials, so I am really excited to see how it all sits together.

If you are based in our part of the world and want to come along, the opening evening is on Friday December 7th, from 5.00 until 10.00. There is also a 2nd late night though, the following evening. The work is only up until Tuesday 11th December, so mark it in your diary now, so you don't miss me. If you are a Facebook person, here's the Event listing.

Hope you can make it!

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