Thursday 24 May 2018

The Competition Results are In!

It's official - we have a prize winner! Well, two winners actually, and they are both FANTASTIC sketchers, as you can see!

We had entries for the Sketching Work Design competition from Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Portugal and the USA, which was so exciting, both for me and the rest of the research team, who got quite giddy when new ones kept coming in  from far and wide for them to open. 

The first prize goes to Deb Mostert from Australia, for her excellent portrayal of the job of the Collections Manager at Queensland Museum. She created her entry on two sketchbooks, both of which are gently but wonderfully detailed and communicate so much, so clearly. We were all bowled over by them.

The second prize goes to Rita Sabler from the USA, for her story of a freight train operator for The Union Pacific Railroad. Through her beautifully captured details and observations, Rita conveys a real sense of the man's personal relationship with the work.

You can see the full concertina sketchbooks of both winners and read more detailed feedback from both myself and Professor Parker on the project's website. All the entries are now being scanned. I will do another blog post as soon as they are done, to show some of the other entries that came close. They were so gorgeous, it was both a terrible and a wonderful task, having to choose.

The sketchbooks will be returned to the artists as soon as possible after scanning. Please bear with us - it takes a while. If there are any concerns about anything, please contact the research centre. Don't contact me, as I am now home in the UK and so won't know anything about what's going on.

A huge congratulations to both Deb Mostert and Rita Sabler, whose prize money should be on its way pretty soon, as well as to all the artists who entered - great job. Well done everyone!


Suma CM said...

Wow! Congrats to both -- amazing work!

Dominique Eichi said...

I enjoyed participating in this project and I agree these are fabulous entries !
Thanks for showing us how to create a dialogue with our sketches.

Nina Khashchina aka Apple-Pine said...

these are both amazing! Great challenge!

alissaduke said...

This was a wonderful project and the glimpse that we have had of the winners is really interesting. I look forward to reading more and seeing the finally scans and project. Congratulations to everyone involved !

David Hill Chief Executive said...

These illustrations are amazing! Well deserve winners!