Wednesday, 6 September 2017

New Business Cards

The textiles work which I am concentrating on during my latest residency, at Orchard Square, is such a new venture for me and so different to my other work, I realised that I needed a different business card.

I picked details from various recent pieces, to give a flavour of the colour, layering and mark-making that excites me at the moment:

Because Moo cards let you use so many different images, I got new urban sketching cards done at the same time, as well as a few showcasing my landscape painting, but they all have to have the same info on the back. It was a bit tricky to know how to describe myself. Although it feels a bit wishy-washy and non-specific, the only title which worked for all my various 'hats', was 'Freelance Artist'.

It does the job anyway. Hope you like them.


Corinne said...

Those cards are amazing! I love the variety of artwork and how they are tied together with the stitching and bits of red!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you Corinne. Glad you like them :-)