Monday, 4 September 2017

A Virtual-Tour of my New Studio & Exhibitiion

Before I left the studio on my first day in residence at Orchard Square, I took it little bit of film. It's just a quick walk-through of the space, but it gives a much clearer picture than photos can.

I love the two big squidgy armchairs which I inherited from a previous tenant. They make things feel much more cosy and give me somewhere to sit for a cuppa with visitors if I fancy a break.


Lynn Patten said...

Good thing, for you, that I live in New York because I'd love nothing more than squidgy-ing all day and watching you work your magic. The textile art looks stupendous mounted. Thank you.

Rob nesbitt said...

Looks like a super place to work in - I am jealeous!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks guys! It is indeed a super space and I am having fun with it. Two more weeks to go and I have at last got nothing else on to draw me away, so can really get down to it and spend every day immersed. I'm so pleased with how the artwork looks now it's all mounted up.