Friday, 29 September 2017

Final Days at Orchard Square

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog a bit - I have had no time at all and no Wi-Fi at the Orchard Square residency means I can't even do a quickie in-situ. Probably a good thing - means I have to get on with some proper work!

I have been working really hard this last couple of weeks, going in every day. I have done more sewing than sketching, although I did do this painting outside the opticians, as they were having a special Alzheimer's fund raising day, so there was more than usual activity and interest outside the shop.

I have finished been working on a piece of textiles based on the painting I did outside Costa Coffee, as I really like the colours and shapes. I pre-dyed the base cotton, sploshing and splatting it, to create a random, uneven effect, so it wouldn't be white beneath the colours. I have been experimenting again too, this time sewing coloured wool into my work, as well as the organza.

I created the back piece at the same dimensions as the sketch, but then placed the colours by eye, so that I would get a new mis-match with the line-work, when I traced that in afterwards.

I have just started sewing in the figures. I was very pleased with how the wool worked for the 'welcome' text on the wall of the shop. Today is my last day before the exhibition comes down and I hand over to the next incumbent. I'll tell you a bit more about him when I have a little more time, as I have to dash now! 

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