Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Experiments in Collage...

 I had a very nice email last week from a lady I met briefly in Chicago. Susan Cornelis is an artist from California. She had been at the symposium with her friend Cathy and Cathy had taken my workshop

Cathy so enjoyed the collage element of the workshop, that she shared the technique with Susan and they both went out on a sketching day together as soon as they got home, to try it out.

They were so excited by their results that they sent them to me. How lovely is that? I though you might like to see them too.

Try it - get some coloured paper and rip a couple of random shapes. Stick them into your sketchbook before you go out to sketch. they can overlap, or not, up to you. Then do whatever drawing takes your fancy over the top.

The results are often very effective and all the more interesting because the relationship between the colour and the line is so random.


cathy mcauliffe said...

Yes Lynne we had a great time using your technique. I was happy to pass on what I had learned from you. Thanks. - Cathy McAuliffe

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks Cathy - so glad you enjoyed the workshop. Happy sketching!