Sunday, 23 April 2017

Want to Learn to Sketch Outdoors?

I am running 2 days of urban sketching workshops in Sheffield, on Saturday June 24th and Saturday August 12th! Email Simone to book onto either. Here's what it's all about:

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will already know how passionate I am about drawing out on location and will have seen loads of examples of the different kinds of sketching I am interested in. Hopefully this has inspired some of you to take up a pencil or brush and to try a few new things. I am convinced that drawing is something everybody can do (even those who swear they can't even draw stickmen - yes, I've heard that a lot).

Sometimes though, what you need is a little tuition to get you started, or to get you out of a groove and introduce you to new possibilities. There are lots of drawing and painting classes around, but not that many urban sketching ones. This summer though, is a unique opportunity, as Urban Sketchers have set up workshops around the globe, to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Check out where your nearest workshops are.

There are still some places left on the ones I am teaching,  on August 12th, in Sheffield. This is a rare opportunity to sign up for an urban sketching workshop with me. Although I do a lot of illustration workshops in schools and have taught urban sketching all over the world, I don't generally run open, urban sketching workshops here at home.

The June 24th, 'Stop, Look, Listen' and 'Let it Flow' classes are done now (here's what we got up to), and the afternoon of August 12th sold out really quickly. I believe there are still am couple of places on the morning's session though.

The morning of August 12th - 'Taming the Beast' - will concentrate on sketching architecture. I will be helping you find ways of simplifying scary buildings, to make them manageable and fun. The afternoon's class - 'People at Play' - will be about techniques for doing very quick sketches of people, capturing poses in a few moments, before they move away.

The price per half-day workshop ranges from £18 - £30, depending on how many you book and whether you get concessions. Full details of costs are here. If you are interested in any of my half days classes, or in any of the Manchester workshops with Simone or Len, get it touch with Simone, who is administrating our workshops.

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