Thursday 6 April 2017

More Experiments in Stitch

I am continuing to work on textile squares.

For these next two, I cut up a pair of old work trousers that were covered in paint splodges. I liked having the randomness of this mark-making as a layer to work over.

I didn't follow the existing marks on the fabric though. I am interested in randomness, so wanted the interplay of the paint splodges and the stitching to happen by chance. As another way to introduce randomness into the process, I decided to work from a couple of the squares created during my recent mark-making day.

The richness of textures on the painted squares was another reason why I thought that starting with the painted trousers would help it to work.

I kept the colours muted, as I wanted the tones to be the main thing in play, as in the original squares. I wasn't slavishly recreating them, but using the shapes and marks as a guide, adapting things as I felt appropriate. This time I let the stitching and the base textures do most of the work and only introduced the organza sparingly.


Christine Barnes said...

Amazing little abstract pieces. These are so exciting.... I can tell you are loving this! (I am)

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks Christine. Yes, loving it!