Thursday, 23 February 2017

Travels in Lanzarote Day 15: Soaked to my Knickers

We both had such a great time in Lanzarote, neither of us really wanted to leave. I was especially sad to leave behind such great painting inspiration. Fortunately, because our flight home wasn't until 7pm, we were able to get ourselves all packed and out of the Haria house with still lots of time to enjoy our final day.

We drove back up to the area near Maguez where we were the day before, for me to do a bit more painting while John pottered and took photos. We couldn't do a proper walk, as we didn't want to get all sweaty before flying. Spot little me in the landscape above.

I started with the A3 watercolour of the hill at the top. Here it is with the view:

Then I had a go at the volcano to the left (the same one I drew in my Intense pencils the previous morning). As usual, my second painting is looser and more impressionistic than my first:

By the time I had finished, we were ready for a cafĂ© con leche and wanted the opportunity to say goodbye to the lovely turquoise sea at Punta Mujeres.

We sat on the wall, watching the sea slowly coming in. I started an Inktense pencil drawing of the view to my left. It was very relaxing, basking in the sunshine, listening to the sounds of the sea on the rocks...

Both John and I registered the larger wave arriving. While John got up, turned to me and said, 'Lynne, watch out for...', my blasĂ© brain told me 'It'll probably be fine.' 

A moment later, the wave crashed onto the rocks at our feet. I was quick enough to lift my sketchbook out at arms length, but not quick enough to move my body off the wall. It was as if somebody had emptied a bucket over my head. So much for not getting sweaty before the flight! At least it was a warm, sunny day.

The wave incident happened just as we needed to leave for the airport anyway. Luckily, I had finished my drawing, near enough, and the concertina didn't get damaged, but I had to sit in the car, wet to my underwear (who'd have thought my undies would get such repeated mentions?). At the airport, I wrestled a change of clothes from the suitcase, so it all worked out. Actually, wrestling my A3 sketchbook into the case was the biggest challenge of the day!

Bye bye Lanzarote. We will be back. I hope you, gentle readers, have enjoyed following my fun and games, as well as my artistic challenges.


Regular Rod said...

It's been a joy to watch your work appearing on your trip.


Studio Maywyn said...

Amazing landscape in photo and drawings

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks so much both of you. I am so glad that you have enjoyed the journey :-)

molon said...

Loved being there with you. Thanks for sharing.