Thursday, 3 November 2016

Free Sketching Workshops in Manchester Museum

On Tuesday of next week, Nov 8th, I will be working with the researchers from The Morgan Centre again. It's just a single day this time, but a kind of extension of the work we did together during my residency.

It's part of the Manchester Festival of Science and this time it's open to everyone to join in. We will be based in the Manchester Museum. I will be talking about the ways we can tell stories through our sketches, sharing easy techniques, then helping people to sketch story-bound objects alongside the sociologists. We are working with the themes of Thrift and Belonging, to tie in with two separate research projects being carried out at The Morgan Centre.

There are workshops in the morning and afternoon, with the researchers talking more about the Thrift and Belonging projects and Professor Sue Heath sharing some of the things we learned about how drawing can contribute to research methods. Plus there's my bit of practical sketching of course. I think there are still places left for the Thrift workshop in the morning. It's all FREE!

In the gap between the workshops, from 12.15 - 2.15, there will be a 2 hour sketching 'drop-in', when anyone is welcome to join me. We will have various art materials around, so you don't need to bring any (unless you already have a sketchbook). I will be sharing some of my sketching techniques and helping people to try out new approaches / materials.

Bring an object with you, so you have something to sketch, either an object which is about you being thrifty (eg re-used containers, coupons, mending kit...), or something which has significance for you, with regard to belonging to a group, club, family etc (I'm taking my Urban Sketchers badge).

More details here. It should be a lot of fun!

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Mona said...

This looks like a lot of fun! I wish I was there ,