Friday, 16 September 2016

Everything is Ready: it Seems that I'm Off!

I can't believe how suddenly today has arrived. One minute it was weeks away, the next, it is now! Everything is as packed as it gets and last night I travelled down to a little village near Bedford, to meet up with Julia Jarman, so we can travel to China together. We don't fly until this afternoon, so I spent last night at Julia's house, then this morning we took the train to the airport.

We took this in Julia's garden on a visit last year. Hopefully there will be lots of sunny photos like this from Beijing to show you in a few weeks time:

If all is on time, we will be in the air in about half an hour. Yahoo!

So... I won't be posting again for 3 weeks! That's probably the longest gap I've ever had on the blog. If you miss me, perhaps it would be a good opportunity for you to use the labels (a bit lower down on the right hand side) to have a potter through some of the back posts. I looked it up: I have written 1177 posts since I began.

I am not sure how much sketching time I'll have, but I have of course taken all my kit and have made contact with Flora who runs Urban Sketchers Beijing, so I will definitely spend a day or two at the weekends with her and her team.

It's all very exciting: I am really looking forward to meeting hundreds and hundreds of Chinese children (and quite a few librarians!) during my two weeks in Beijing schools. I'll let you know how it all goes when I get back.

Wish me luck!

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Luck! :o)