Monday 14 December 2015

Interview with Wonderstreet

I have done quite a few interviews in my time, some in person, some over the telephone, some via email. One of the nicest ones in a while happened via Skype recently. 

It was for Wonderstreet, a fairly new, online platform for artists to upload their work, a little bit like Instagram or Flickr, but crossed with Etsy, and with added features, like interviews with folks like me! 

Olivier from Wonderstreet was interested in all the different aspects of my work, past and present. Since I love talking about it all, we chatted away for ages. He then had to go away and make some sense of it all! Because we were talking of course about visual stuff, a lot of things didn't make sense without images, so I sent him lots of different photos, illustrations and sketches to go along with what we were talking about (including this one John took of me, doing my thing on the beach at Robin Hood's Bay).

Anyway, it is a really lovely interview. Take a look here

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