Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Sketch-Party 2015

On Saturday, we had our annual Urban Sketchers Yorkshire Christmas sketch-party. It is always a good laugh. Everyone brings food and drink, so I don't have lots of catering to do, which also helps with planning, because I never know how many are going to turn up. This time round, there were about 14 of us I think, though it's been as many as 40 on occasion. 

It's a nice way to throw a do: I just had to deck out the house, lay the table, put some mulled wine on the stove and wait.

We always follow a similar format - people gather round our long dining table as they arrive and start to sketch the food. It's an unusual sort of party though: after the initial chatter and excitement, it eventual goes completely silent, with everyone concentrating on what they are drawing. 

We nibble as we go along and then eventually give in and start to scoff and chatter again. 

We took our puddings into the front room this year, for some silly drawing games. We started off with 1-minute portraits of each other, which is always quite funny. Then we played a sketching challenge: a sort if cross between I-Spy and The Twelve Days of Christmas

You had to take a letter from a Scrabble bag and find something in the room beginning with that letter, then turn it into one of the gifts from The Twelve Days of Christmas song and draw it on your postcard  - all within 5 minutes! Above are a few examples. I encouraged cheating, not least because it helped me: my letter was 'M' so I drew '...a much-decorated Christmas tree'.

What you can't see until you zoom in, is how clever Matthew Midgley's letter 'D' illustration is. Each of the 6 drawing pens is named after a reindeer, and Rudolph has red ends:

Finally, we did a reprise of last year's 'drawing on espresso cups' game. 

Quite a few people had to go after that, but those left standing finished off back in the dining room, eating cake and drawing on the paper tablecloth. Because I was playing host, I didn't get to do much actually drawing during the party, so went to town on the tablecloth with my watercolours:

There were some fabulous sketches. I took photos, but of course ultimately had to clear it all away in the bin. You can see them all on the Urban Sketchers Yorkshire Facebook group.

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Teri Harris said...

This is so new to me because I have never thought of such an idea, at least not twice. I never knew people would immerse themselves that much to art despite not being professionals in the same field and still come up with something tangible with some form of potential. The pictures speak a lot about what we can do despite our heaviness to practise such skills quite often.

Teri Harris @ Caiger And Co. Catering