Tuesday 6 May 2014

New Specs!

For a while now I have been thinking that I needed a new pair of glasses: things have been getting a bit blurry round the edges. But not only are my surroundings less sharp than they might be, I keep catching myself peering over the top of my specs, especially when I am sketching. Since I can barely focus without them, it's no wonder my train portraits are getting increasingly stylised!

I know why it happens: when sketching, I am focused on my sketchbook, so looking down, but my eyes are constantly flicking back and forth between the subject and my drawing, up and down all the time. But, if I want to look at the subject through my specs, I have to move my head too, which turns me into something a little like one of those nodding dogs you used to get in the back of cars. This is an especially bad idea if I am on a train and trying to remain inconspicuous!

So, As you can see, this time I have gone for larger glasses. It's now much harder to look over the top of them and much easier to look up and down without moving my head too ridiculously. thanks goodness. What do you think? They are not drastically different to the old ones, still slightly purple: more me than brown or black.


MP Graphics said...

I too, have to look over my glasses. But, I ride a bus everywhere and the other people are much closer to me. So, its just a quick glace over the top of my glasses. No bobbing head(usually). Still, in this city I have become know all over as the bus artist. I try to be unobtrusive but doesn't always happen.

June said...

Your new specs suit you :)
I too have just had new varifocals... and I had to go for specially made expensive lenses rather than the cheaper ones as the areas of focus are so specific, and I was seeing spectrums around everything with the basic lenses!
Eyes are precious, so I guess every penny is well spent.

Jagoda said...

You look great in these. Good choice! :)

MiataGrrl said...

Lookin' good, Lynne! :-) I got bigger glasses this year for the exact same reason!

- Tina