Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Out and About for World Book Day

With train tickets in my pocket, a sketchbook in my handbag and a case full of picture books, I have started out on the trail again, visiting schools all over the place, to help children celebrate World Book Day with storytelling and workshops, talking to them about my work and sharing the wonder and fun of books.

There's actually only one World Book Day, this Thursday, and of course only one of me too, but since there are lots and lots of schools, my World Book Day visits tend to spread throughout March.

The week started with a visit to Kippax Primary yesterday, in Leeds (I've been before and it's always a pleasure). If all is going to plan, I should right this moment be stepping off a train in Liverpool, ready to begin a 2-day visit, working with Whitefield Primary.

I'll be staying in a hotel tonight, which can be a bit lonesome, so I'll try and get out in the evening to do some drawing. That's if I'm not too done-in anyway. Last time I was there, I did loads of sketching, all through dinner. 

In the meantime, since I've not had time to scan my travel sketches from yesterday, I though I would decorate this post with some more of the sketches I did on my trip to London. As well as museums, we visited the National Gallery. 

Obviously the paintings were inspiring, but the building itself is lovely, so I sat on the floor (resting my sore feet) and whipped out my paints.

I was not at all sure that painting was allowed (and have since found out it isn't!), so was waiting to be told off the whole time, especially as there were attendants about. Maybe it's because by then it was nearly closing time, but they left me alone just long enough to get these two quickies done.

A little earlier that day, we also visited the National Portrait Gallery. I got to sit on a proper chair that time and drew the folks passing by in front of me:

I have been playing in a Strathmore sketchbook I was given as a pressie at the last Urban Sketchers Symposium. I am really enjoying working on the grey paper - it changes the way you work, which is good fun.

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