Friday, 7 March 2014

Jungle Grumble: How it's Going to Look

I managed to get all my Jungle Grumble finishing work done in time, so that's me finished until proofs come back from the printer. 

The publisher is now setting up the final designs. My designer at Piccadilly sent me low-res versions of how the spreads will look with text. Now she has my finished digital illustrations, she will be fine-tuning the designs and placing all the text into position, ready for proofing. This is how the first spread is going to look:

They have also created designs for the 'extras', like the back cover and the title page, using sections from the existing illustrations. This is the title page design:

It's all perfect timing, because of course I am out of the studio most days at the moment, visiting schools. Today I am actually in a school in Sheffield, so nice and close for a change, but sadly no chance for train sketching.

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