Saturday 8 February 2014

Taking my Sketchbook (and Foot) to Breakfast

It's nearly 5 weeks since my op and my foot has been getting steadily better. It's taken quite a bit longer than last time though. I've been able to wear walking sandals for nearly 3 weeks now, but I've only been flirting with more mainstream footwear if I need to look a bit more glam and I know I'm not going to be actually walking much.

But this last week I've been noticeable better. Which is handy, since it's been so bloomin' wet that walking sandals just don't hack it. 

Last night I donned my kitten-heel boots for a walk to the local pub and back (a suitable incentive). Then today we woke up to glorious sunshine, so John and I tested things further by doing the 20 minute walk to the coffee shop and back, for a decadent breakfast of coffee and croissants. All very nice.

It's quite a drag back uphill and I was pleased to get back into my boring old sandals by the time we got home, but I seem to have suffered no ill effects, so I think we're more or less there. Thank goodness.

This morning's sketches were done with my lovely Sailor pen by the way. I managed to lose the one I had last weekend (disaster!), so bought another one straight away. 

It's meant for Japanese calligraphy and has a weird, turned-up nib end, as you can see, but that means it glides easily across the paper, allowing you to draw in any direction. You can get a real range of line widths too, depending on the angle you hold the pen. 

I regularly get asked about where I got it, so here's a link if anyone is interested.


ann @ studiohyde said...

I had wondered how your foot was doing...glad it is getting better.

Unknown said...

That's great news and lovely sketches too.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Cheers guys. Yes, doing better all the time. Actually went out boogying on Saturday night, without too much pay-back, so I am nearly there now.