Saturday, 15 June 2013

Drawing with Inktense Watercolour Pencils

John and I have just uploaded a new film, of me doing the drawing above.

People have been asking about the Inktense watercolour pencils which I use so much for my location-sketching, so I thought a filmed demonstration would be useful. I have added a commentary, talking you through what I am doing and why. 

I wanted to do an urban sketch next, having done a rural one last, but drawing down on the pavement on a busy high street can be a bit daunting and would be especially tricky for filming. However, during a SketchCrawl at Broomhill, I discovered that Costa Coffee has huge, upstairs windows which look down over the main street: a perfect vantage point for sketching. John and I went back there to shoot this film. We chose a weekday, when the upstairs of the coffee shop was not at all busy, so it worked out well.

I how you enjoy the film and find it useful. If you want more handy hints on using the watercolour pencils, read this post, which goes into even more detail, for people who have not tried them before.

There are a lot of other short films on my website, where you can also see all my sketchbooks


Lynda Bowler said...

Really interesting to see how you use these Lynne. I bought some a few years ago and wasn't sure what to do with them. It reminds me of the 'magic painting' I did as a child where the 'paint' was impregnated into the pages of the book and you used water and a brush to bring the picture to life. Will definitely have to have a go!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Oh yes! I had completely forgotten about them. They were fascinating - I loved them. Thanks for reminding me Lynda :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne, I have been waiting for your Inktense tutorial impatiently (I left a comment on your YT channel as Raganhildis) and here it is, Thank you so much! The tuto is excellent and so helptul. Now I know where to go with my Inktense pencils. They are a wonderful but not very intuitive medium for a non-professional such as I am so I truly appreciate all the time and effort you made to complete the video...and the fact that you shared it for free.