Saturday, 8 June 2013

Creating the Artwork for the Children's Mural

Last week I was finally able to begin the digital artwork for the library mural. It's a bit annoying though that my go-ahead coincided with the good weather starting, so I have spent these lovely sunny days mostly trapped inside, sitting at the computer!

It took a while to get my head round how best to do the artwork. I am creating it at quarter size and in 4 sections, but it is still at the limit of what the computer can cope with. I have been scanning in all the individual children's drawings, like this tiger, trying to match the size of each to the low-res design I created, then cutting each out in Photoshop.

I then position each in a new high res version of my background illustration of the library space. It is taking WAY more time than I thought (naturally) and making sure the 4 sections match up exactly, when I can't open them all at once, has been making my head explode. 

I sent the sample piece below through to the printer. This was the first section I finished and is the far left end of the design. The printer is going to do lots of test prints, trying out different kinds of papers, we will then paste the printed mural to the wall like wallpaper.


Mary Walker said...

Is the little green thing on the left holding forks and staring at the big red things butt like its waiting for poo to come out to eat?

Lynne the Pencil said...

I know - it wasn't intentional, but I realised it looked a bit like that too! It will almost certainly occur to the average child and hopefully make them snigger :-)

M. J. Muir said...

This is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your process about the creation of this mural. It is amazing and what a great way to include children's art with your beautifully designed characters. The children are going to feel so good about seeing their work up there. It is brilliant combination of technology and hands on paint and crayons art. Wow.