Thursday, 25 April 2013

Library Mural: Designing the Layout

A while ago I mentioned a mural project that I am doing, based on children's drawings created during an illustration workshop, focussing on characterisation and movement. The wall I have to cover, at Wakefield Library, is over 13 metres long, but only 2 metres high - very long and thin - so the idea is to create a chase scene along it, as if the children's animals are running through the library.

I let the teachers take the drawings back to school with them, for the kids to finish off. Unfortunately, instead of posting them a couple of days later, as promised, it took them 6 weeks and repeated hassling, so I am only now getting down to it.

I am currently spending my time on Photoshop, trying to work out how to lay things out. It's so massive, and such a weird shape, I'm working on a one-tenth, low res mock-up, into which I have placed scans of all the animals, so I can move things around and re-size them, until it looks OK. Then I'll re-scan everything at the right size, as the final artwork will be created digitally (in sections and at one quarter size, so my computer doesn't blow its brain).

Although my initial chase idea sounded simple, I soon discovered that, if I don't want to end up with just a 'procession' of animals, in a long, uninteresting line, I will need to draw in incidental props, like bookshelves for animals to climb onto, or chairs for them to jump over. I might need to do some graphic things will colour in the background too (like I did with the cover of Swap!), to divide up the space. Not sure yet.

Right: back to it...  


weechuff said...

Oooh! A big project. Good luck with it!

Mother said...

This is a very interesting and exciting project that I look forward to seeing progress. I am really hooked on children's art and this will be fantastic. How proud all those little ones will be to see the finished wall. Good luck and I hope you don't have too many problems as you go along.
Love Mum

Penelope Postcards said...
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Penelope Postcards said...

Such projects are often more challenging than first expected. A local artist in my world did a mural on a school wall using drawings that kids did of the BC Winter Olympics in 2010. Here is my post about it with a link to her site, if you are interested.

Mai Kemble said...

this sounds like a massive amount of work- but fun!!!
I have to say that gorilla is my favorite!!!
can't wait to see more!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks all :-)

I am a bit daunted by the size and how on earth I am going to produce it on my poor computer, but it should look amazing when it's done, so I am rather excited.

I like the gorilla too Mai - the child has based it on my Big Gorilla from An Itch to Scratch but added something wonderfully manic to him!

Jacky said...

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