Friday, 28 September 2012

Free Art, Illustration and Literacy Learning Resources for Teachers and Students

About 3 years ago, I re-jigged my website. I kept most of the content, but got someone to make it far more user-friendly and to update all the admin behind the scenes. It works SO much better these days.

But it's a pretty big site (I keep getting new ideas for extra stuff to add...) so, instead of paying for it all to be done at once (gulp), I left the Kids FunClub area to come back to another time.

Well, that time is now, only I had a bit of a re-think: instead of aiming it at kids, I thought it would probably be of more use generally, if instead I aimed it at adults working with kids, like teachers, librarians, parents etc  

So, the site now has a brand new Learning Resources area, which still has all the fun puzzles and quizzes from the old FunClub... 

...and all the bookplates, bookmarks, colouring sheets etc to print out, but now also has a whole lot of new stuff. 

The illustrated work-sheets, which analyse specific aspects of some of my illustrations or books, are designed to work with either children or students (or just be extra info for interested adults). 

The story-machine (much improved since the Funclub version) should be of help to teachers of reluctant writers, as well as providing inspiration for those kids who simply love making up stories.

A brand new feature for kids (and some grown-ups?), is the how-to-draw series of animations, which guide you step-by-step through the creation of my book characters. There are just 3 at the moment, but I can build that up.

I've also pulled together links to some of what I think are the most useful articles I have written here on the blog for aspiring, or new, illustrators or authors, dealing with how to build a folio, how to approach publishers, self-promotion, authors looking for illustrators, doing school visits etc. Plus there's an updated film page, which again should work with most age groups.

I'm thinking too, that these resources will make a perfect build-up to my school visits: a way to really get the kids prepared and excited, as well as a great way to assist follow-up activities after a visit.

Anyway, take a look and let me know what you think and what's most useful, so I know what to add to the most. If there's anything not working, or anything you'd like to see that isn't there, do please let me know!


M J Muir said...

I think your new website is amazing and wonderful. Just had to say it.

Joshua said...

I am pretty confused by "Americans don't eat sandwiches" because they are actually pretty common here in New York. Did someone play a joke on your publisher? And coffee might be more common, but we definitely know what tea is. :) At first I thought sandwiches might be a language issue (like biscuit vs. cookie) but they look like sandwiches to me...

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks MJ :-)

Joshua: I wonder if things have changed. That first Smudge and Stripe book is quite old now, so we are going back about 12 years. Or New York was not representative of the US as a whole? Certainly not a joke - it's all very serious stuff!

Brian said...

Really good idea for reading now i easily read stories and given writing test in class thanks for share it corporate identity inspiration .