Monday, 24 September 2012

Drawing on Location then on the Computer...

I try not to work weekends. Self employment is inclined to gobble up your private life if you're not careful. But things are really full-on at the moment. My latest deadline in Thursday first thing, so my Sunday had to be sacrificed to Swap!.

At least I got Saturday. It was a gloriously sunny day again and, since each one could be our last, we drove out to Chatsworth, to spend the day in the gardens, looking at the Barry Flanagan sculpture exhibition. I did some sketching towards the end of the afternoon. Thought I'd experiment with a crazy colour hare, after my Colour Games workshop.

I was about to attempt the drawing below, the same hare from the back, when a couple of children came over to ask what I was doing. I explained, showing them what I'd done so far. Their two friends came over and joined in. They were curious about my pencils, so I gave them a quick demo-scribble in the back of my sketchbook.

I asked if they wanted to try. Well, that was it. They got so excited, especially about the water brush, that they all set-to in a huddle while I chatted to their parents (who kindly offered to leave them with me for an hour or so...). They created this spread together: 

We rounded off the day watching some cricket, which I know nothing about, but it was a good excuse for sitting on the grass just a bit longer.

But Sunday it was down to work: the scans have come back from that first batch of artwork I sent off a couple of weeks ago. Now the rush is to get them all cut-out in Photoshop by Wednesday night. I need to get rid of the pink paper backgrounds and replace them with flat digital colour, like the illustration at the top and below. 

You can see the rough of this illustration and my pastel artwork before the cut-out job here.

My previous books with Gullane have had colour backgrounds on the 
covers, but been cut away to white on the inside, but I feel this one is calling out to be more funky. I'm having fun seeing how they look on the colours - it makes them really come together.


Irene said...

Is there a quick way to cut-out that pink with Photoshop? Any plans on making a tutorial? (John get that camera rolling!;P) lovely artwork by the way and the colours are amazing!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Hi Irene - I think it would make a less than riveting film I think! However, I have already written a very detailed article about how it's done, created during the process of Baby Goes Baaaaa! here:

Good luck!

Irene said...

I don't how I missed that post!! Brilliant tutorial! I tried on one of my ACEOs and my mouth is still open in amazement (drooling on keyboard!) big thank you Lynne!!!Cheers!!

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