Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sketching in the Park: a Sneaky Day Off!

We woke up to a glorious day on Friday, despite a very so-so forecast the day before. The sun streamed into the studio and the sky through the veluxes was faultlessly blue. As I went through the mornings emails, I thought sadly about the day ahead: my re-roughs are all in and my paper is all cut to size and ready, so my next job is to pull down all the blinds, so the studio is good and dark, and then stand at the lightbox for about 2 days, tracing my line-work up onto the pastel paper.

I looked out at the sun again and over to the lightbox. There was no real contest - it took only about 3 seconds for me to decide to bunk off instead.

So John and I packed a rucksack with books, sketchbooks and bananas and walked to the Botanical Gardens, where we laid out a blanket and chilled in the dappled shade of a tree.

It was so nice to have no agenda for a few hours. I finished my book-group tome (in the nick of time), did some sketches of the trees and people watched. Much better idea!


tiffannysketchbook said...

these are lovely sketches!

Jez said...

Lovely trees, lovely colours. Very peaceful, like your day.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you!