Tuesday 21 August 2012

Illustrating a Picture Book: Feedback on the Endpapers

Remember how I created the ballet-dancing endpapers for Swap! as a final joke? 

Well, my Art Director rightly pointed out that we can't very well use the same design for the endpapers at the beginning of the book, because a) it will spoil the joke and b) nobody will understand what it's all about yet.

So I set about thinking up other, more normal activities that Sparky and Lucy could share. It took a while, as I wanted them to be either cute or funny or both. I also needed situations that didn't require either backgrounds or large props: making sandcastles at the beach was out, as was playing on the swings. I did adapt both the beach idea and the park though:

These are the others I've come up with. I had 6 ballet poses, so I thought it would be good to match that with 6 normal poses, to put into a spot-repeat, just the same as at the back.


Jez said...

What lovely end papers these will be. Make me want to read the book. Admire and enjoy your work as always.

Kayleen West - Children Author/Illustrator said...

They are both great Lynne and lots of fun.