Friday, 6 July 2012

Business Cards for the Urban Sketchers Symposium

Another parcel arrived this week - my new business cards!

I designed some 
fun bookmarks to hand out at school, library and festival events, when I am wearing my 'children's illustrator' hat, and these still work really well (though I'm in the process of updating the design to include some of my more recent titles). 

But the bookmarks seem a bit weird if I am in my 'sketcher' mode, so I decided to get another, very different set done. I couldn't really justify spending a fortune since, for the most part, my sketching is for fun and does not bring in an income, so I went with the Moo mini-cards. 

They are really cute, cheap as chips, there's no set template, full colour both sides and you can have as many different images on them as you like. Fantastic. Of course, I then couldn't resist spending ages trawling through sketchbooks, trying to get lots of different ones... 

The only drawback is the unusual, skinny format, which was probably a good thing, as it meant most of my sketches were too square, so I had to call a halt at 20. They all have the same design on the back though: 

I am really pleased with them and they will be perfect for handing out at the Urban Sketchers Symposium next week. Can't wait!


julia said...

They look great, what a brill idea.

Sarah Underwood Illustration said...

I love moo cards they are amazing. I couldn't resist getting some address labels too, but the mini cards look fab :)

Jennifer McLean said...

Yup, I'm addicted to Moo too! I have the Business cards of course as I think at the price they're essential for any professional artist/illustrator, obviously you agree! I Also have a set of minis that I use as "thanks for your order" cards and on the back I have artist, date and title info sections that I can add the painting's info about so the buyer just has to affix the mini card to the back of their artwork after framed!
I just recently ordered their stickers, in fact, they're probably in today's mail, which I'm waiting for as we speak. They're cheap as chips, as you say and are so useful for closing packages or using a seal to spruce up something wrapped in tissue.
Your art on Moo looks awesome!

Jez said...

Such a peaceful scene. A really good choice for your cards. Really lovely.

Sue Pownall said...

You mini cards look great.

I also use moo for business cards, postcards & stickers... never used the minicards though mmmm

Julie Clay Illustration said...

They look fantastic Lynne and so cute, you could go mad ordering there, I shall have to check them out, I remember seeing Andreas little business card, they were with moo too :) Have a wonderful trip away, hope it's amazing!